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At A Glance


     We live in a world that is constantly challenging the stability of families. The consistency of family activities and routines have been minimalized over the course of time, causing a negative response from the parent to his/her child to the generations that proceed them. These difficulties are only heightened when we add the realities and the cruelties that this world can provide. 

     We are being conditioned to believe that our families are not impacted as deeply without the presence of one, and in some cases, both of the parental figures in the home. At the root of this catastrophic movement, our country, unfortunately, is leading the world in fatherlessness. In 2014 alone, 23.6% of US children (17.4 million) lived in father absent homes.  Statistically, absent fathers have abandoned their children due to the following: Incarceration, having children “too young”, no father or poor example of fathering, drug and/or alcohol dependency, poor relationships, and not feeling like competent “good father." Our mission is to help recreate dads, into Dads With A Purpose.

Keith D. Meeks/ CEO-Founder


     We at Dads With A Purpose (DWP) believe that it is imperative that no matter the stage of life or the hardships our fathers may face, we must provide them with the tools and skills to take their rightful place in their children's' lives. The impact of a father not being present critically diminishes a child’s ability to follow a successful path in today’s society.

     Through our curriculum and support, men will have the opportunity and the ability to break generational cycles and barriers while shifting the dynamics of their home, creating a more secure and healthy future for themselves and their children.
     Dads With A Purpose offers resources that assist in the development and strengthening of the family unit, with some programs and/or classes focusing primarily on the father, while others focus on the mother. We also provide co-parenting classes to help strengthen the parents as a "team." These resources have been locally and nationally recognized as being necessary for the transformation that is required for fathers and mothers who desire to build a lasting legacy.

Benjamin C. Bell Jr./ VP-CO Founder
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